The damaging effects of earthquakes are of significant concern in many areas of the world. Earthquake’s effect on the building’s concrete structure could not be very serious, effects on mechanical pipes and equipments could be very serious. These effects result in loss of life and property will result in a serious loss of prestige. Especially after the earthquake a fire protection systems to maintain the status is of great importance. The impact of the fires after the earthquake because the consequence of the earthquake is more than two times increases. All the material and moral losses in the face of a possible earthquake, with the right material without the proper engineering calculations, and most reliable way to maintain the mechanical systems and equipment.

Occurring serious loss of life and property as well as mechanical installation and equipment cost is very minor earthquake protection will be obvious to us all. LINK Yapı designs seismic restraint projects to limit movement of mechanical systems and equipments and save them. This seismic protection system is prepared for project-specific application details with calculations, the threat of life and minimizing the costs associated with long-term damage to equipment, installations, and reduces to zero.