Code of Ethics

LINK Yapı acts with the awareness of its responsibilities to society, the environment, its customers and all its stakeholders, and these responsibilities constitute the basic principles of LINK Yapı's ethical business ethics.

The purpose of ethical principles are creating a common corporate culture on business ethics and raising sensitivity and awareness on this issue. Ethical principles aims to be a guide for all parties in business processes to act not only with legal and commercial but also with ethical responsibility.

It is aimed to guide our employees and those acting on behalf of the company to act ethically in their decisions and behaviors while performing their duties.

All of our employees have attitudes and behaviors that will ensure the cultural integrity of our company. They are expected to protect and improve the prestige of our company and the reliability of its corporate structure.


Notifying all employees of the LINK Building Code of Ethics and showing the necessary effort and leadership in complying with the code of ethics are among the main duties and responsibilities of all employees in the management role.


The principle of honesty is essential in all external and internal relations and processes. Integrity provides us with a competitive advantage while meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders.


The employee keeps the information and secrets he/she learns about his/her job and institution, whether related to his/her job or not. He cannot give or disclose the secrets, information or documents related to them to unauthorized persons or authorities. This obligation continues even after the relationship with the institution ends.


While performing their duties company employees diligently avoid actions that will result in a conflict of interest, care about the protect the benefit of the company and avoid any action or behavior that may mean gaining personal or relatives benefits by using corporate resources or reputation.


The company pays utmost attention to fulfill the responsibilities listed below towards its customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and business partners, competitors, environment and society.

Responsibility for Compliance with Laws and Legislation

The company acts in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates, both at home and abroad. Information, documents and records regarding these activities are kept and maintained regularly and completely.

Responsibility for Due Diligence

The employee is obliged to diligently fulfill the work undertaken under the employment contract to acquire/develop the competencies required by his/her job and to take the initiative to obtain the necessary information. With the awareness that they represent the company, every employee is responsible for protecting the company's reputation against third parties and avoiding behaviors and actions that will put the company in a difficult position. Each employee is responsible for managing their relations with other employees, business partners and stakeholders in accordance with business ethics and ethical rules.


Responsibility to the Environment and Society

While carrying out its activities, the company acts with social benefit and environmental awareness and aims to implement high standards in environmental awareness. Violations of environmental rules that may harm the health and rights of employees, customers and residents of the region where it operates are avoided. In all business areas where it operates, actions are taken to minimize the negative effects of their work on the environment and measures are taken to prevent environmental pollution. Consumption of natural resources is kept to a minimum.

Responsibility to Shareholders

It is aimed to increase the company value in company activities. It is cared to strike a balance between profitability and risk management.

Responsibility Towards Employees

Fair, healthy and safe working environment is provided. Employees are offered equal opportunities in both recruitment and career development without discrimination. It is cared to employee a suitable number of employees for the workload and to fulfill the rights of the employees arising from the legal provisions to which they are subject in a timely and complete manner. In addition to our ethics policy, we adhere to the principles in our human resources policy. We do not employ unregistered employment, we do not employ child labor and we do not cooperate with businesses that employ them. We respect human rights, we do not become partners in violations.

Responsibility to Comply with Workplace Policies and Rules

Employee and workplace management, compliance, discipline, occupational health and safety rules and the instructions, regulations and procedures published in relation to them.

Responsibility for Caring in Behavior and Relationships

The employee is obliged to work in harmony with his/her colleagues and managers at the workplace to establish good and humane relations with private or official people and organizations that have a relationship with the workplace to perform his/her work honestly and quickly.

Responsibility to customers

By producing quality products and services and developing consistent relationships, the continuity of the work is ensured with a long-term trust environment. It is aimed to be the company preferred by the customers by increasing the customer satisfaction in sales and after sales.

Liability to Competitors

The company is meticulous about the development of the sectors in which it operates, the observance of common interests with all companies operating in the sector and the continuation of the trust in the sector. It avoids unfair competition against competitors, acts within the framework of ethical rules by considering fair competition conditions.


Responsibility Towards Suppliers

We do not discriminate among our suppliers, we act fairly and respectfully.