LINK Yapı has a long-established company structure with its employees' great endeavors, sacrifices and knowledge acquired from the past and continues its activities non-stop and growing since 1978. As the industry leader, the basis of our human resources policy which is created on our "human first" principle is providing qualified manpower to the family of LINK Yapı with the strategic plans and objectives of our company, actualizing training, development and raising activities required for the organization that will give competitive advantage and establishing, evoluating and ensuring the continuty of the systems of human resources.

According to this policy:
We will prioritize the protection of the material and moral rights of our employees. We will update and improve our human resources processes and policies by questioning the understanding of corporate culture.

In hiring, we will implement contemporary selection and placement methods to work with the people ensuring that our company can perform its activities efficiently, continuously improving itself, positive, daring in change and development, high motivation for success, believing in team spirit, using time and resources correctly and at the same time with high social responsibility.

In line with our strategic plans and objectives, we will recruit the most appropriate candidate who can add us power in the future, considers systematic and strategic with transparent processes that offer equal opportunities without making any distinction.

With performance management system; By ensuring that individual objectives are aligned with our organization objectives, we will assess the competence, skills and performances of the employees in an objective and understandable manner within the framework of common principles, enable the personnel to see and evaluate the results of their individual work, support the development of performance that remains under expectations while rewarding successful performance by means of material and spiritual appreciation and recognition.

We will create a training system that aims to provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to raise the satisfaction of our employees, provide both professional and personal development to our employees with “the training of each employee is teh first priority” princible and we're going to create a motivation system that increases commitment to the company.

We will create and develop a career management system that prepares our employees for the responsibilities for high level of their title. And also we will create a management structure that gives equal opportunity in the use of education, development, career and wage resources and provides employee satisfaction.

In the working environment, we will create a fair, open and transparent atmosphere built on the concepts of self-reliance, discipline, participation, respect and trust. We will create a regular, clean and safe working environment for all our employees to work efficiently and ensure continuity of this environment.

We will create a transparent and participatory business environment in which each of our employees will uncover and develop their potential.

We will take care of our employees to continue their social lives while doing the above.