LINK provide solutions for all suspension and support systems required for the connection of any line which may be included in the Mechanical Installation to the structure in accordance with its own specifications, and provide solutions for more than 40 years.. Since the first day we started our adventure, we are constantly monitoring and adapting to changes in the market to develop our product range to meet both the needs of our customers and the ever-changing needs of the markets we are in.


We offer a wide range of products that are used in many parts of the world such as Pipe Hanger Support Systems, Ventilation Connection Systems, Sound and Vibration Isolation Systems, Seismic Restraint Systems, Industrial Hanger and Support Systems, Modular Profile Systems, Facade Systems and Anchor and Fixing Systems. This wide range approach has always taken LINK a step ahead.


In the World-LINK


Today, our products are used in more than 25 countries all over the world. Selected distributors in Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Italy point out that we are giving service on a local basis and thus we are making a globalization decision.


We focus on maintaining high quality standards for our services. We are an ISO 9001 company and many of our products; UL, FM, GOST, TSEK, ETA or other national or international certifications.




The first contact point for our customers is our sales organization, which is the basis for all project development. Based on the complexity of the project, details and requirements are communicated to the engineering group by the sales and support teams.


We usually work directly with the relevant department of our client to understand project characteristics and share information. Then, with all the information obtained, our engineers provide the best solution for the overall project scope and communicate to our customer for approval. Our marketing team and product specialists are support to engineering team for provide all informations clearly.


LINK takes care of every project from design stage up to the end of application and supervision stages with a sensitive approach, and we work with our planning, production and logistics units to deliver on time delivery and top quality products. Each department and team within Link has are part of our 360 degree service.


Consultancy Power!


Many of our product systems are designed with innovative insight to reduce the installation time and therefore labor costs. LINK's greatest motivation is accomplish excellent work as a counterpart in providing timely logistics, planning, projecting and consulting at all stages of the project journey to the field assistance .


There are important decisions and sensitive values to be taken during an engineering project. In order to support our customers in these projects; design, materials, product selection, installation and use of them by advising them to differentiate the service concept.


Our project support includes:


•Specific solutions
•Technical design service / 3D designs
•3D Analysis / Calculations
•Consultancy and problem solving
•Onsite support / Supervision
•Application catalog