LINK Yapı, continue to follow and create the trends of the HVAC industry. We offer solutions to contractors with our prefabricated solutions at the last point of our business model based on carefully analyzing customer demands and providing result-oriented solutions. After preliminary studies at the application site, we produce solutions with advanced engineering software in our center, we finalize the solutions we produce at our factory and dispatch them to the application area. Thus, we offer the advantages listed below to our customers.


-       Safety

Risk decreases because no cutting, welding and hot workmanship, reduces labor and installation time.

-       Performance

Prefabricated pipelines are sent ready to the field in tagged condition, saving time, reducing delivery times.

-      Quality Control

Each prefabricated pipeline is checked to ensure continuity before it is send to the site.

-       Wastage

Prefabrik ve saha dışı imalat yöntemi ile aşırı kesim ve diğer işçiliklerden kaynaklı fireler bertaraf olur.

-       Stock Area

Stock and manufacturing areas are used more efficiently. These special areas are not needed at the construction site.

-       Cost

Labor time and lost time on the field are eliminated with efficiency, labor costs are significantly reduced.

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