Solar System

This system includes various profiles and a wide range of accessories. The product range includes profile connectors, (including hinged versions) wall connection bases and end caps. Profiles and most accessories are made of steel. It is suitable for outdoor use due to its hot dip galvanized coating. LINK products offer ideal solutions for solar panel support systems because of all these features,

System Advantages:

Material: Steel, hot dip galvanized

Versatility to allow for different types of applications and mounting

Less material for the same load capacity (compared to Aluminum)

Quick and easy installation (Less components, less workmanship)

Support systems for roof and land applications

Solar panels must be positioned towards the sun for maximum energy production.

it allows precise positioning of the solar panel construction relative to the sun by the multi-adjustable features

Ideal for low slope roofs. LINK systems are best for solar panel applications due to its adjustability.


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