We are proud to serve both suspension-support systems and seismic & vibration protection of non-structural elements in the Port Baku Tower 2 Project, which is designed by the world-renowned Chapman Taylor and continues to rise with a closed area of 135,000 m2 on the Azerbaijani Baku coastline.
Our Prolink G and Promega series profiles, which provide fast manufacturing instead of welded manufacturing, are used in the suspension and bracketing of the pipe and channel installations in the project, and all supports are designed by including earthquake loads. The other important elements of the system are sliding bearings, isolation wedges, clamps and seismic dowels in the project, and the seismic protection of the fire installation is made with our TÜV approved seismic ropes tested according to ASHRAE 171.

To get detailed information about application solutions, you can send email to muhendislik@linkyapi.com.tr