About us

Starting with the production of steel anchor in 1978, the status of current pipe hanger and support system sectors, is making us proud as the founder of this field sector. With the responsibility of being a leader we comprehend the full prospect of the undertaking we have to perform. Our objective is to produce customer oriented products by converting the innovative approach that every employee of LINK perceives.

Currently LINK is, starting from the projecting process, by sharing information and knowledge with innovative and effective solutions, rapidly moving towards becoming a preferred brand in Installation Systems, Ventilation Systems, Sound and Vibration Isolation Systems, Seismic Restraint Systems, Industrial Hanger and Support Systems, Anchor and Fixing Systems, Facade Systems and Modular Support Systems in national and international levels.

We will continue to provide reliable, long lasting and economic solutions for the needs of our customers who support us with both negative and positive reviews as we keep moving towards our goals.  

We intend to expand our regional activities to World-wide in areas we operate and we plan to operate using our international certifications. Our product quality and innovative technical and customer-oriented solutions.