Facade Systems;
LINK, makes production of modern, sub construction connection elements for front coating products (Natural Stone, Glass, Composite, GRC) with different, innovative point of view. It gives service in hanging technique with a few alternative solution focused systems.

Anchor and Fixing Systems;
Especially in international construction market for the mounting of front systems which gain value and importance; it brings structure profiles inside the concrete available for all kinds of arrangement, prevents deformation during mounting as a result of wall plugging technique which is made at flooring and flat concrete later, which can be connected to the fittings as an innovative anchorage solution to the sector. At project stage. At project stage a very new line has been formed at the front with the structure profile systems inside the concrete which will be applied with the accompaniment of the contractor and front mounting company. All technical service and product selection which are necessary for these analysis are made by the project group inside LINK’s body.