LINK, which started production in 1978, started production with steel dowels and handcuffs. Today it is the founder of this market which is called Pipe Hanging Systems. LINK always kept the quality of production at the highest level, competing with himself, always producing new solutions. In this sector where it is the pioneer, it has improved its product range in line with the needs and desires of the users every day. Today, the solutions that form all the suspension and support systems required to connect the building to any structure that may be included in the mechanical installation are included in the LINK product range.
It has achieved a first in Turkey in 1987, and began producing Duct Flange Profiles. With the responsibility of being the leader of the sector, LINK is continuing to improve its product range continuously to bring innovations to this product with the same enthusiasm today.
In 1993, LINK brand and company registration was realized.
In 2001, he established the Department of Vibration Receivers and Seismic Restrictors. Damage caused by depression is a major problem all over the world. The earthquake causes serious damage to mechanical and electrical installations without seismic measures. LINK is doing its part in this field and it supports both its project and product with its expertise in mechanical installation, engineers experienced in seismic protection.
In modern buildings, the complaints of noise caused by vibration and vibration are increasing day by day. This sneaky noise pollution and uncontrollable vibrations create a negative impact on people and structures that should be eliminated. LINK, vibrating measurement, projecting, product support and experienced staff in this field, increasing day by day, this problem brings new solutions.
In 2004, Link, combined and pressure bonding technique, temperature and resistance values ​​quickly within the upper levels, easy to install CPVC pipe and fittings are the largest manufacturers in the world "Harvel Plastics" and "Spears Manufacturing" was brought to the market in Turkey.
In 2005, another system solution that is now prevalent in fire system applications but also popular in other mechanical installation applications, has added Grooved Pipe Clamps and Fittings to its product range for use by practitioners.
As the year 2006 continues to develop for LINK, IRS Railway Fair and Rail Systems group started. The facility in Kartal has been upgraded with an additional facility, and the production of new Flange Profiles has begun. In 2006, Russia exports started with Moscow City Project.
2007 Prolink Modular Profile Systems production line investment has been realized.
2008 Industrial Hanger and Support Systems have been added to the product range and Boulvard AVM Project has started exporting Baku Azerbaijan.
2009 Procon  Products were designed and registered trademarks were added to the product range.
2010 Started Lindidel partnership in Steel Structure Connection Systems.
2011 Gebze Factory investment was realized with new sales structuring process.
2016 LINK YAPI A.Ş change of title
2017 Promega Products were designed and registered trademarks were added to the product range.
Undoubtedly, LINK, who always adheres to being a pioneer and leader, will continue to look for the best, most efficient, highest quality and most economical solutions for you and will offer it to you in the coming years. LINK, which is the primary target quality in its production and imports, produces products that meet both international and local standards such as DW, SMACNA, MSS, UL, FM, NFPA, ANSI-ASHRAE and TSE in all product ranges. These products are also certified by GOST, UL, FM, TÜV, TSE, TSEK documents; ITU, KOSGEB, TUBITAK-UME, etc. in our country's leading laboratories. In addition, the products that are currently being produced or planned to produce are T.C. Certified by the PATENT INSTITUTE.