At Istanbul 3rd Airport Project, the biggest project of Republican history; We are pleased to be working in our "product line", "installation connection systems", "modular profile systems", "seismic restraint systems" and "ventilation connection systems".
With the cooperation of IGA and MNG Plants, our works in the project which we transfer our material and engineering accumulation in all our product groups continue at full speed.
An important feature of the project is; fast manufacturing, easy workmanship and price advantage are obtained by using LINK Modular Profile Systems which is an alternative to welded manufacturing in consoles of all installations. These brackets, which do not require any welding work, are completely bolted and all calculations are done by the LINK Engineering Team with 3D Stress Analysis programs, are resistant to static and thermal loads as well as to earthquake forces.
LINK Modular Profile Systems are also certificated that they are tested at the 3rd site under the supervision of an independent organization and carries the loads that bear the wager.
In addition, reel roller systems have been used in conjunction with the gallery lines DN900 (Ø1100).

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