Beam Clamps

The LINK beam clamps are designed for attachment of suspension rods to structural members without welding or punching. There are a variety of products which include many beam alternatives considering different requirements and applications.

Static design: It is suitable for structural strength since there is no hole and welding production.
Construction work health: It does not require welded manufacture, so it removes the risk of fire.
Delivery times: Short delivery times with practical and fast installation.
High Quality: Provides safe applications with tested and design load products.
Caution: For safe applications, please observe the torque values ​​recommended in the application. Tightening screws excessively tighten will damage the beam clamps. We are aware of the fact that in all cases torque is not used. In such cases, the setting must be tightened to the beams by means of screws and, in addition, a further quarter to half turn must be applied with the key.

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